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Mabinogi Heroes Developer’s Note : Niflheim Dungeon


AFK: Sorry for the late update, I’ll try to bring up more stuff tomorrow  And, like before, the translation here will be simplified but the message will remain the same.

Niflheim is a region for max level players or, to be precise, level 80 characters since the level cap will be raised to 85.


The dungeons for this region will be designed to challenge players and as the highest level content yet each battle in this region will follow three general rules.

1. Players can not revive in Niflheim; feathers and Evie’s Revive won’t work. A death will mean that your out of combat for that battle permanently.

2.Boss holding skills will not work; the damage these skills do will remain the same but skills like Reverse Gravity will not disable the bosses in Niflheim.

3. Niflheim battles will be the only place you an obtain Bracelet Gems. You will receive [Bracelet Gem Case Key Fragments] which you can trade for gems with Aislinn.


Bracelets can be obtained in high difficulty Season 1 and 2 raids and Hero-mode dungeons. These Bracelets will become powerful accessories when combined with Gems.

And now we introduce the first Niflheim battle where the boss is none other than the Succubus who has returned as the Succubus Queen.


The Succubus Queen will show off new moves which will provide a new type of flashy combat players haven’t experience before.


You will need to understand her patterns and the characteristics of the map if you are to succeed. Trustworthy party members will be a must as well since a single death will mean the end for that member and you can only have up to four party members total.


The Succubus Queen is hiding a big secret so trying to find out what it is will be part of the challenge.

(Source: heroes.nexon.com)

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I’d like to thank Nexon for the VVIP capsule because doing too much of everything is starting to make me feel really tired of this game.

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